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Student Government

SG Senator: Welcome
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2017-'18 Student Government Experience

What is Student Government + Getting started

My journey with Student Government (SG) began in the Spring of 2017 when I decided to run as a Senator within my Tribunal. Many students are not aware of Tribunal/what Student Government offers them, and my mission in running was to bring a student voice to my diverse college: CECH; College of Education, Criminal Justice, Human Resources, and IT. Tribunal is the "SG" of each college. Over my years as a CECH student I heard many concerns of students, but it bothered me that students weren't aware of resources (whether students or staff) that are available to them. As a Senator I took part in many events, committees, and was able to assist many organizations in setting and reaching their goals. Below I hope to share with the viewer my amazing experience with SG this past year in the different bullet-points provided. These are based on much notes, pictures, and conversations I have engaged in.

  • Senate

  • Academic Affairs Committee

  • CECH Tribunal

  • Student Government Mentor (SGMP)

  • She | UC

  • Plunk

SG Senator: About

Let's Break It Down

SG Senator: Testimonials
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Undergraduate Student Senate

Undergraduate Senate meetings take place every Wednesday of the academic year at 6:00 PM. Senate begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and Alma Mater, as well as acknowledging members of the gallery. Senate meetings are open to the public and interested parties sit in the gallery. Senate is made up of At-Large Senators, Tribunal Senators, as well as board Senators. Discussions in Senate meetings are broad; ranging from campus initiatives to issues facing our outer Cincinnati community. Bills are proposed, discussed, and voted on. There must be a 2/3 vote on a bill in order for it to pass. Senators fill weekly reports and present it to Senate, as well as must complete 6 hours related to SG. 

Appropriation Bill - Spread the Love, UC!

Guideline to Effective Discussion (I formed this document and it was sent to all FYE and Peer Leaders- in regards to WBC presence on campus)

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