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Save Our Schools: Educational Controversy & Change

University Honors Seminar | Fall 2017

Instructed by Sarah Stitzlein, Professor of Education and Philosophy and Co-Editor of ‘Democracy and Education’, this course explored issues that challenge our educational system: school vouchers, national standards, teacher merit pay, teacher unions, etc. This course took a pedagogical approach to education in our schools. Before diving deeper into the Cincinnati community, we read published articles and bills in order to gain knowledge of the current standing of schools, such as: historical, social, cross-cultural, and political perspectives. In that process we understood that inequality, poverty, and the SES of which the school lies affects its current standing on a national level, ae well as the support and services that the state provides it. We had the opportunity of having open-discussions within our classroom with our peers in order to hear the multiple perspectives that are present in our own classroom. Students coming from different educational and social backgrounds allowed room for practicing empathy, as well as challenged our debate skills, when exchanging ideas, within the classroom.

After gaining background and structural knowledge, we had the opportunity of engaging with leaders from around the state, organizations, activists, teachers, and Ohio State Legislators. Overall, these experiences prepared us for three main projects throughout the semester: Teacher Interview, Educational Non-Profit Organization, and the Educational Symposium. Each project averaging to 10-12 hours in the field, including writing a paper (10-15 pages), conducting interviews, and presenting to the classroom (excluding the symposium- this was presented to Legislators). This page includes the paper from the Teacher Interview, the PowerPoint highlighting work from the Non-Profit Organization Leadership Scholars, as well as a PowerPoint from the Educational Symposium – in addition to a handout of suggested Educational Standards, with emphasis on Social and Emotional skills.

All of the documents can be found below: 

Teacher Interview

Leadership Scholars Presentation

Educational Symposium Presentation 

Proposed Social & Emotional Middle School Standards

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