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Student Government Mentorship Program

Raising the Next Generation of Campus Leaders

SG Mentorship Program: Welcome

The Beginning

SG Mentorship Program: About

How do we raise the next generation of Campus leaders?

As the Director of the Student Government Mentorship Program (SGMP), I took it a duty upon myself to integrate what I have learned about leadership and invest in younger Bearcats. Entering into this position, I knew there was a lot of revamping that would need to occur in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for Mentors and Mentees. I expanded the program to include both Freshmen and Sophomores, in order to attract a greater number of students.

The focus of the program included both Student Government knowledge, as well as inclusive leadership building to raise leaders- wherever they decide to land on campus. One of my goals for the program was to network with different groups and organizations on campus in order to achieve a more diverse class of SGMP mentees, as diversity ensures critical conversations and encourages open-mindedness; traits a leader must have in order to succeed in modern-day society. SGMP mentees had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of SG, take part in SG events, hear from different campus leaders, and use their diverse backgrounds to brainstorm initiatives that can positively affect students on campus and be a step for a solution in greater complexities.

With almost 50 students entering SGMP in the 2018-2019 academic year, these students are now changemakers on UC's campus, with an astonishing number running their own Senator campaigns and achieving amazing positions on campus! These students inhibit not just Student Government knowledge, but knowledge of what a leader looks like and have a concrete vision of effectiveness, genuineness, and the will-power to empower the next generation of campus leaders!

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SG Mentorship Program: About
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