Mariam Elgafy


What About Me?

Hello! My name is Mariam Elgafy and I am currently a Senior at the University of Cincinnati. I am an Education and Communication major, with a minor in Political Science. Post-graduation, I have solidified my Masters in Communication/Leadership and am honored to be returning as a Bearcat in Fall 2019, (as well as teaching Public Speaking classes for the Communication department!!!) Post-Masters, I plan to apply to Law school where my love for debate, educational reform, and political science can come to full bloom.

Full plate? Not quite.

​But allow me to tell you my story....

I have been told that having too many interests means a person is labelled "Undecided"; but I would have to strongly disagree. I am focused on who I want to become, and know the path to my personal success. And if it takes a double major, a minor, 3 part-time jobs, and athletic performance, then let it be. That is focus, determination, and perseverance. ​

I grew up wanting to become a Pediatrician, but soon realized that studying for the next 8+ years was not my idea of being hands-on and seeing immediate impact. I have always believed in Education being key to civilization and eventually granting the rights of others. I spoke out on behalf of the oppressed and soon labelled as "The Voice of the Voiceless".

I speak. For you. For me. My voice is heard.

I am also a U.S. Figure Skating & Hockey Instructor, and have truly enjoyed skating for the past 9 years of my life. I was looking for an opportunity that can take my dreams, talents, and interests and work upon that to achieve something even greater. That is when I turned to the University Honors Program Spring of 2016. UHP has taken my talents and abilities and challenged me to think outside the box in the areas of Community Engagement, Leadership, and Integrative Learning. UHP has presented to me opportunities that brought all of my skills and is daring to push my limits to achieve even more.

To speak louder. Give more. Browse more. Think bigger. Achieve the impossible.